Hold Your Space

Hold your space be careful someone might take it. Yet who holds onto you? Believe in make believe, are you someone else? Yet is something else a believable you? Share your thoughts Because someone else might share theirs in a more believable way. Use your imagination when it comes to details. Do the details really […]

Spring Cleaning

I decided to start my spring cleaning today. No ordinary spring cleaning It’s about digging deeper, getting into the crevices and doing away with the dirt. Although I have started my head already hurts. Theres more to this that I thought. Not just buckets and rags, I need a big bottle of detergent to help […]


We come into this world as being born(positive) and then many years later we die(negative). Do we really understand the reality of this polarization? When thinking about this I realized everything we are is polarized. We have positive and negative thoughts. Our emotions are positively or negatively driven, and our lives are motivated with what […]