Whats Up Doc

Ok here goes on a rainy Sunday morning. How are all of you viewing my page? Good I hope. Times are changing and so am I. Made a leap of faith here and want all of you to be apart of it. I feel different, as a writer, as a person and as human. But I think all of us do now. So many changes are happening and its time to figure out what to do about them. I have writers block right now so I thought to get around it I would tell stories of whatever came to my mind. I used to be a Life Coach also and wrote about The Thought Factors that are contained in our deepest selves but it time to lighten up, laugh outlaid and be outrageous. Are you with me.

If you are come along for the ride and maybe we can both learn something more about ourselves and being human. I have layers and so do you and those layers of selves are not so predictable but so goal orientated. Agree. So lets surpass the layers and go for the core of all that matters and that is getting some joy out of our lives.

Come on lets go and the next time you meet me here I will take you to Wonderland. My wonderland where you may know the names of the characters, some anyways, but not the normal circumstances that brought Alice to the land of knowledge and understanding.

See you soon…..