Rocking Chair Middle America

I woke up this morning and decided to put on some news. Maybe today would be the day middle America got their dues. Sadly though, no, not today. We still fight our fights, listening to the sensationalism the broadcasters bloat about, reinforcing our awareness in anger and fear. Communities broken, neighborhoods in dire need of […]


I am thinking, do we always need to be plugged in, engaged, intensified in each thinking moment. What would happen if we truly unplugged? Depending on the moment and what we could be engaged in being plugged in or unplugged would be a defining factor in the the outcome of what we were, are, about […]

Can You Here The Rain

Have you seen the Rain? I have. Do you know I have touched my lips to the window. Cold, damp, moisture presses softly between my eyelashes, moistening the the drought between my cheeks. Places where the salt from my tears have forges gullies. Have you heard the thunder? The pain in my head aroused by […]