Blah Blah Blah

Yep thats it in a nut shell. The blah ,blah, blah of it all. What nonsense.

Sometimes its so great, especially when you have so much to say, rediculous mounts of nothing that seems to create something, but today its hard to throw out, and throw up, the words.

Guess I need a break from the ordinary world of word thoughts and head down to Wonderland. My wonderland, and yes we all have one, and get down to business.

Wonderland is that place of sub conscious drawl, where no matter what we say, write or do to create, it can and sometimes does work for an audiences. Hey if we have one that is.

So this week I will be down under, in Wonderland, below the surface of mundain living, exploring my self in a different way. A way that may inspire me or hang me upside down. But you know either way it works. The view upside down sometimes makes us make sense.

So the tree awaits my departure form reality and the slide down the fox hole is rough and uncomfortable, but the bottom creates a new place for me to write in. The beauty of it all inspires and the images and people I meet redeem me.

So follow me down if you dare and read my thoughts as they are inspired by the unknown. An awakening. I can feel it traveling down my core to my fingers on the keyboard. Lets see what transpires in Wonderland.

See you there. And what does your wonderland look like?

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