Banana Bread and a Rainy Day

imageWe have decided to remove a lot of sugar from our eating habits. OMG, I didn’t think it was so hard. But I know it will be worth it for sure. As Im sitting at my desk, yes I get to work from home, I have the most magnificent view. Large pine trees being swept my very gusty winds and rain that looks like a monsoon. The creek outside has grown into a small river and from the front of the house I can hear the waves pounding the shore.

Fantastic. Especially the energy vocalized by the ocean, its rough and tough smashing the lone logs against the rocky cliff of our neighbours. But theres something thats missing, the sun. We here on the west coast wish for that sun to reappear as soon as the winter arrives. I remember when I first moved here, long time ago, a friend said live here and be a duck and if you can’t grow feathers better fly away. You bet but I never did.

So today even though we have been on this no sugar journey; I have decided to bake a banana bread. The goal is not to eat it all in one night. I have self control but I also have a partner how sees sugar and becomes a ravenous omnivore. He loves anything that smells sweet. Couldn’t help it though, rain and banana bread go hand in hand.

I will let you know how it goes, revamped the recipe to reduce the sugar and if it turns out fabulous I will include the recipe. Sometimes a little baking can rejuvenate the soul and when Alice comes back from Wonderland she will have a lot to write about.


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