Its All Down Hill From Here,So She Says But Doesnt Know

It was all downhill so she thought as she slid down into Wonderland. She had only been there once before, and all by a fluke. This time she had an idea as to where she needed to go but would she. There is so much to explore that she hoped she would keep to her thought out itiimagenerary and not lolly gag around. The last rime she slid down she remembered how cold and damp it was, all the roots sticking out. They seemed to reach out to stop her or at least prolong her journey, but this time she knew they were there. Such is life she thought, such is life. It seems to make the smooth rides that you anticipate bumby and the bumby ones, well they are just bumby until you have an idea of where the pitfalls may be and you avoid them.

She hit bottom. Sliding out from beneath the tree, in Wonderland, she dusted herself off and looked about. I wish it looked liked this in the real world, she thought, but she decided not to muddle but to just be and begin. She quickly found the path she saw last time and instead of reacting, and being afraid, she took the first step. A step that in days ahead would help her make tremendous decisions about her future, and all that the mind is made up to be.

Once around the tree she went and to be sure she marked the base with the ribbon from her hair, she didnt want to get lost, she promised to be home for supper. Her mom thought she was at the playground, and she felt bad fibbing but it wasnt really a fib was it.

So who would she meet, this time, if anyone because Alice wasnt sure if she was in her mind living here in Wonderland, or if wonderland lived and her mind finally found the place to find results. Oh never mind too much to think about, off we go now, and see you as things get good on the path to Wonderland.

One step in the right direction without expectation gets one a long way down the road with positive results.

See you soon

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