Hot Choclate Macha and The Planets Align

Sometimes all it takes to make an ok day better is to head down to the beach, with a cup of hot chocolate and Macha, and relax. It’s been a rainy Feburary so far so when the sun shone today I knew I would have to go outside.

Sitting down by the water, we looked up to see the stars shining above and the beginning of five planets about to align. It’s been a topic of conversation the past few weeks, the energy, the decisions and the possible manifestations that it could project upon all of us.

So there we sat, my hot chocolate in hand and took it all in. To the side of us we could see the ferry coming in from Powell River, and the outline of the shore across the Strait. To the side there was dog walker enjoying his own vibration of the surf and his dog beside him running through the rocky sand.

My eyes then proceeded to join my heart upwards where I began my vision journey to each planet as it began to,appear on the night sky, I saw four as the fifth was yet to arrive, just before dawn. With each sip the conversation drew us inward toward our thoughts of manifesting, and how it should be done.

Does one meditate on a wish or do we empty out thoughts that no longer belong. Is it possible to manifest an unknown without attachments? I’m trying. I want to bring in the impossible and make it possible. I choose to begin a new experience full of choices and challenges that bring about change, imagechanges we all need. To let go of the past and bring about the present full of young new experiences without expectation.heres to the stars that shine and the moon that rises each night to light our way. Cheers

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