Attitude comes and attitude goes. Shake the head and continue on.  These words came out in sequence to the sentence but Alice only heard blah, blah, blah. Her attention was on the peculiar little man sitting on the rock across from her.  He had his shoes off and his small feet dangling in the water. Hold onto the good thoughts whenever you can, he said, because once they are chased out by some odd ones you just can’t go back to being happy. Well at least not for awhile, until you get around chasing them out of your head.

Again Alice looked at the man, in his funny clothes and opened her mouth to say, excuse me I wasn’t listening, but she thought to herself that in itself was rude. Here she sat with a stranger, well in fact she is the stranger, in his land, Wonderland, and was being rude by not listening to what he said. So she jumped in anyways with a note of, nice day isn’t it, hoping to change the conversation. A bit awkward, but she did open her mouth and words did pore out, but it again sounded like, Blah, blah, blah. Whats going on she thought and as she said this; this person whom she sat across from looked right at her and said; This is what happens when a conversation goes no where. A smile crossed his face and Alice wondered if he was just being polite because he knew she wasn’t listening to a thing he had said.

So once again she opened her mouth and parted her lips, the words formed and this time he acknowledged her and smiled a thank you. What did she say? Ah, yes she could hear him say, and he continued. Most people listen with their minds, subjectively and not with their focus on the person. We assume that what the person will say is not pertinent to what we want to hear so we politely nod our heads in agreement and smile. What did they say we would think but our minds were already on the next verse to come out of our mouth and all is lost. Why do we do this she thought, because now she listened intently. Polite or not she was ashamed of being incoherent and wanted to be on her best behaviour. Maybe she was just like everyone else. How much did she choose to hear over what was really said in a day.

Looking up at the little man in the funny suit, she smiled and this time an apology came roaring out of her mouth. I am truly sorry that I did not pay attention to what you said. I am your guest here and what you say deserves to be heard.

He looked up at her through his rose coloured glasses and they actually reflected into the pond below as he smiled. I agree and your apology is excepted, so now the we both have an open mind to this conversation we are about to have. I will begin by introducing myself to you and you will do the same. My name is Hatter, some call me mad but in a polite  and good mannered way. I am the town cryer here in Wonderland, but not to cry but to announce to people what verse comes to pass from my mouth. I question everything, and you will get used to my philosophy and you may debate me, but come what may just do listen. We have lost the art of listening because we think our conversation is more important.

I do know of you but would be interested  in how you came to be here. It will be a great story I am sure. So come sit closer to me and take those shoes off. Place your feet into the pool of reflection and we will create some good conversation.

So I did as he asked and I listened appropriately , and he in turn listened to me. My feet dangled into the cool clear water and I relaxed my mind, my thoughts and my opinions, never questioning what was said and there was no more Blah, blah, blah in my vocabulary that day. I tied a ribbon around my finger for future reference, to remind me that thoughts are ok when alone but when with others give them the benefit of your attention because if you don’t you may miss something really important.


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