Finding Solace Within Ourselves

imageI had a conversation this morning with my partner. another great vocalization of who we are as human beings, partners, and opposites on this planet. We see things differently,  we believe to a certain extent differently but we have come to value each others opinions, observations and our spiritual connections.

What we talked about this time was, in  general, how have we become such uncompassionate, uninvolved and uncertain about life and the way we go about living it. I hear it all the time in conversations between others, the somewhat valid but undeserving sentence, “Dont get Involved”. No matter what the issue we seem to either have raised hte question or connections to view this as sincere but to be careful to what we say, what we do and how we get involved.

From politics, to doctors, teachers and down the line we are taught not to get personally involved. To listen, because its polite, to give a point a view that is reasonable, respectful but unavoidably uninvolved. To be careful what we say and do, how we  give good advice, or help a stranger becasue it can come back to haunt us.

At what point did we become so self endangered that we cannot help someone in trouble, be a seeker of unopinionated compassion and help out? We see this all the time from the homelessness on  the streets to fclose riendships. We are so careful about lending our hearts out. What gives. Have our homes become that big of a castle, our minds so full of fear, and our hearts so small that we have forgotten how to heal through kind words and a helping hand.

I do remember when doors we not locked, sugar was borrowed and front porch conversations were the best part of the after supper crowd in each neighborhood. As a child I loved to listen to the politics of that era, the baseball scores and us kids just taking over the streets. I know these were different times but people have changed. When did we start not caring anymore and let fear keep us from moving in the right direction.

The chain is weakening, the links are about to break, and when it does where will it leave us? We are not the top dogs here, the top of the food chain. We are however one link in a huge chain that has been here a very long time. If we think we can extinguish life and still carry on, in my opinion its we that will be extinguished.

Most of us believe in a higher purpose, we are one and the same. We pray, we meditate, we chant but seem to ignore whats in our face and that’s, loving our neighbor.

Someone close to me once said ” We look to the heavens for our truth and our answers, hoping that through prayer we will be heard. But our answers are not in the heavens but the people closest to us. Our relations, our friends, even our animals we love so dearly. They are the prayer and the answers to those prayers. Look to those closest to us and believe they are in our lives for a reason, and act accordingly.”

Lets reach out unconditionally, with a honesty and a compassion that we have lost along the way. we are here for a reason and that reason is you and me.



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