I Think, I Feel.

I feel like a blog today, an expression of thought. Somedays I gather at the notepad and embrace all that I am and other days I feel like a fish out of water, drowning in my own creations. Life takes so many turns. It sometimes hard to stay centered. The mind spins mortal, yet the spirit continues to hum, well tuned to its own vibration.

Always thoughtful of who I am, I am to remind myself today that it is The I Am, that is truly present and the me’s and the myselves are just fragments of the imaginaton. An imagination that can and does contort viewpoints into its own perspective.

I have laid on the table today many choices, choices that include passion and purposeful action. Where do I belong, in this big bowl of fish and is it time to disconnect from the normal and see me once more?

I am my own inspiration and love to see my spirit swirl in recognition of my being. I come in three’s, yet I am only one. Sometimes I look to find me and do see myself, knowing I Am here.

Nothing more today but a blog of contemplation for there is a lot going on inside my head. The wheels of living in thought go round and round, knowing when to get off is the quest.

We are and will always be our own Self Role Model, so on days I can get out of my head and into my heart is awesome.

Time to take a walk outside, and outside myself, getting out of my head and into my heart once more. To allow the waves wash thinking from the bed of inner ideas, rake the sand into a smooth configuration, and see the beauty without realization. I am one and the same, as you or I. Clouds painted on windows colours melting into light as they dance upon the panes. Giants walk unoticed leaving footprints in the sands of timelessness.

Now I am done, alone to walk the earth, my footprint small but deep.img_0839

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