Message In A Bottle

Happy Unconditional Heart Day. What each of us puts into it thoughtfully we get back in thoughts. I hear an eagle flying above me right now varifying what I believe, just because I do believe. Reach out this day to those who are beside you, whether friend , stranger or foe. Befriend the lonely, be grateful for the wisdom others inpart on you, and dont deceive yourself by egoistic notions that you deserve.

Here is a poem for all and especially for one young man who lost his life, with in the passion he lived everyday.

Silence In Between,

Walking in between the raindrops I felt a truth within. One that takes an eternity to reveal. It took my breath away and then some. I choked on a lifetime of remorse and judgement looking around to see where I now stand. I find myself naked of memories, abandon by my past, future yet foretold by others who whisper underneath water puddles. Ears lifted upside down for an echoing of compassion.

They are the ones who know, the ones who feel my feet walk to hard upon the surface forgetting to tip toe through time. Nothing imortal only loneliness. image I face my face, and cry no tears for my heart has turned me inside out. It sopps up salted water and is fed to others, helping those to understand the gravity of my consciousness.

Unmasked I turn to an unknown, a timeless maze of rights and lefts, hoping to find the ending of one story and the beginning of another.

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