Living The Karma


Place your hand out and let your yo yo glide. Surrender to the gravity of living inside your karma. As you pull the strings and move your hand, engage with the movement, the downward spiral, then allow yourself to be pulled upward.

We are the universe which we see, sense and are personally involved in. Gravity is our nemesis and the atmosphere our playground.  Here is a poem I wrote awhile back that integrates how I felt then and finding that I feel this once again. Opening doors and seeing more than I wanted to see I find the world a beautiful place.

Yo Yo

A window to the universe the mind can sense, what the nose can smell and the emotions contain. What have I created, I may ask. I taste the reality of the thoughts emerged in a liquid with my eyes focused on the reality of feelings of what? I cannot put a finger on it.

Hopeless? Not yet. Am I hungry, for a truth revealed? I am no longer imageUnconscious, of what is there all along. I am not made of stone, nor empty of thirst. I am unraveling the serenity like a yo yo.

I am certain of the hand that holds a destiny that I have shaped with the movement of my inner thoughts.

I am not made of stone,nor empty of thirst. I am unravelling

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