I Woke Up This Morning

I woke up this morning to sunshine. It’s been awhile since my face felt the heat upon my face, my eyes closed to its brightness through the window. My fingers reached for the covers that were strewn about the bed and I pushed them away so my entire being could be filled up, like an empty gasoline tank, I needed rejuvenation.

Feeling enhanced by the blueness of the sky, which also came along with the sun, my feet gently touched the cold stone floor and I tiptoed down the hallway to the big windows to the north of the house. Barefooted still, my feet chilled, but my heart warmed by the solar plexus of the shining yellow ball of light I breathed.

The mind, engaged, my thoughts washed of all the harshness it has felt relieved. A path of light opened before me and I stood solid in its brightness. I opened the door to the small deck that faces the ocean and let the waves wash the soul that has been heavy from the clouded skies these past months. I felt a relief.

Seagulls sang among the sands, Eagles blending in, flying and dipping their wings low enough to find their fodder. One wave at a time, the sea washed the shore of its own daybreak, wood and shells, sea life taken in the night and green shrubbery that makes its bed on the sea floor, removed. The sand glistening in morning glory.

I took it all in, every drop of sun, every bit of soft flowing wind and serenity I felt. It does feel good to be free, even for a moments time, before a reality of sorts permeates my inner sanctum and leaves traces of unbalance once again.

I will use this light, this heat, this source, as my guide my awakening, in times of heaviness, when the rain comes again to wash away the grit, and the bring about the dampness of times to comes. Strength envisioned, I close the door but remember why we all come to believe that life is worth living and every moment has its own destiny, imageone link bends into another and another until we form a long time of life reincarnated. The soul then remembers why it s here at its smiles like the sun.

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