I am thinking, do we always need to be plugged in, engaged, intensified in each thinking moment. What would happen if we truly unplugged?

Depending on the moment and what we could be engaged in being plugged in or unplugged would be a defining factor in the the outcome of what we were, are, about to do. We can find moments when each is appropriate, such as meditation, sleeping, dreaming when we are engaged in an experience which if unplugged we become more plugged in. Other moments when confronted, or confused we plug in and allow our subconscious to befriend our awakened mind and confuse the hell out of it. Plugged in is connected, but plugged in is also disconnected to challenge and change.

Flow, does it happen when we are plugged in, as in chakra flow, or are we more fluid when we are relaxed and allow the movement of energy to flow through us? Contained, we build upon the energy of our soulful selves, not contained we can build but we can also be turned upside down in a moments notice and shaken.


An electrical current carries energy flow, nerves react, our minds push us out side ourselves. We confront objectives and subjectives, literal and etherial balancing out a container of emotion. Positive and negative the pistons of neurology work to keep that flow moving. We engage, we ponder, we project.

The rivers of our thoughts also flow. Unaware most of the time, unplugged we venture outside our inner selves to be subjects of our souls inquiring of today. Adjectives and nouns move about the spectrum of misunderstood ideas to form a prerequisite to actions taken

Plugged in I flow, feet first into the grounding of my nature. Pushing my boundaries deeper into the universal aspect of whom I would like to be. Circumventing that energy I become meditative, subconsciously moving it inwards and up toward my higher self, renewed, revitalized, once again becoming unplugged as the energy spirits itself towards  my divine nature. Unplugged of all circumstance, all affiliation to what my ego desires I am presented with an inflow of knowledge. Patient of what I am plugged into yet unaware of what I have done to allow my self to be unplugged at the same time. Infinite but finite. Plugged in yet unplugged I move about in a continuous flow of unpredictability.Dove Beautiful Age Photoshoot - 4

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