Riding The Dragon

Dragons. Dragons, and more dragons. Beautiful creatures, magnificent to see and to describe.

I was once told by a tea reader, wonderful lady I may add and gifted, that I rode the dragon. Symbolic creature in all its magnificence, a wonder to behold and a desire to be in its presence. Something to be feared, great breaths of fire destroying everything in its path, an awakening to be presented too if you live.

Now that I remember this reading what do I do with it? Did what she say portrait my life since then, or is this just an illusionary fictional attempt to make me feel good inside. I have realized really its about more that what she may have said, or what I remember she said but how I feel about the whole idea.

This reading was way back in 199?, young at heart and ready to continue to take on the world, or what was left of my world anyways. New changes were abound for me and to envision myself on the back of that glorious dragon brings excitement into my life right now. Have I accomplished the desire to ride a dragon, conquer what fears I have carried and to destroy the negativity that still could hold me captive to what is karmic and still to me unobtainable?

Heavy stuff here ladies and gentlemen. A full moon has come, and here I sit and think these ambiguous thoughts, of what was and what is and what will become. We do cherish the good times, the positive reinforcements we have, like shield and sword, ready to ward off the dragons, but to ride it? I am an esoteric person by nature and when a person tells me I am riding a dragon and that is my cause or karma I do sit up and take notice. I think in fact I have rode many dragons, some big and some small, but the one that awaits me now is the greatest creature ever seen. It is bejeweled in colors of green and reds. Sharp tail fins to keep the predators at bay, and the breath of fire to reach over miles of countryside. The saddle that adorns the dragons seat is made of soft worn leather and stirrups to keep me safe while I attack all those unwanted demons.

Yes I think I have ridden many dragons, all in purpose for the betterment of my inner self. I have at least one more to ride, and I hope its going to be worth it, in fact I know it will because I am ready. What ever comes my way I will fly mountains and mole hills, oceans and creeks, to find the  destinies (there is always more than one intertwined) which still awaits me by action. Challenges will come but my dragon and I will choose those wisely and with great pride, because we choose our battles wisely and come out not just a conquerer but a wise Merlin who knows that knowledge is the greatest battlement of all. To understand why we are and where we are is good, but to have the knowledge to go one step further in the right directon is the best of all. Then there are no winners or losers, no burnt down dreams, or fallen soldiers for the cause but a celebration of living life realistic and to the best of ones judgement. Where no one dies, gets hurt by words or actions, and the decisions one makes are made with love and compassion where everyone thrives.


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