Wishful Thinking

So its Saturday. Not a bad day outside, cool and partly cloudy. sun shining at times and covered at others. The windows going from “hey you need to clean me, to oh its ok now you can’t see the dirt”. That is what Spring does for most of us, fixates on “the why haven’t you looked at this since the Fall, to get over here and clean this mess up”. We tend to stagnate during the winter months, allowing our brains to go into hibernation until that one sunny day when it wakes up once again and demands attention. Sometimes I just want to push delete on what I have set aside, misplaced and decided to just not accomplish. But instead I put it in a folder marked next Spring, and just go on with my day.

With the extended daylight we can see those not used portions of our mental capability, and our emotional output. The things that we locked away but now shine the golden light on. The things that we could have done, to make the improvements we told ourselves we would do. Other things, yes like spring clean the garbage we keep locked up in the boxes in the back of the closet of our minds.

The poor mind we dump so much in there, memories, hurts,anger, control issues and more. We always seem to forget the important moth balls to keep that which we have hidden, fresh. Like love and compassion for our mistakes and choices that have actually made us stronger, if we would have looked harder at them. Its not all bad you know, we challenge ourselves daily, putting the fly into the spider web just to see if the fly can get away in time, but alas most of the time the poor fly gets all caught up in the web. The sticky strings of emotion spins him around , and it dies. Poor fly. Maybe we could give the fly an opportunity to challenge his predicament by giving it tools to survive. Ideas and choices to walk away instead of get caught.

Why I think up this stuff who knows but its Spring on the horizon and I am to mend holes in the web to catch the fly thats on its way.

Once again though I will end with a poem and see where that goes, maybe I will just get out the duster and pull down the web before summer.

Try to, If You dare.

I hate to delete, especially when I have said, created, or acknowledged something so special. Monumental in its clarity, subjective in its contents it always shakes me up.

I will blame it on the bum that sits inside the cavity of my brain stem. He thinks he is hiding but I know he’s there. Sometimes my consciousness can spot him lurking in the shadows. He readies himself to speak when not spoken to.

He thinks he can read my mind, but he is the mind in all its glory. What glory is he? Well he is, rude, presumptuous, egotistical, and so darn emotional. Especially when I can work it out on my own, using my heart felt instincts, with good will intended.

I wish he would just go away. pack his bags and find another place to imprint his social manners. So delete me if you will. cast away my brilliance if you dare. For I am unbeaten and will always begin again and upload all I want.

Sunny summer days


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