I Think, I Feel.

I feel like a blog today, an expression of thought. Somedays I gather at the notepad and embrace all that I am and other days I feel like a fish out of water, drowning in my own creations. Life takes so many turns. It sometimes hard to stay centered. The mind spins mortal, yet the spirit continues to hum, well tuned to its own vibration.

Always thoughtful of who I am, I am to remind myself today that it is The I Am, that is truly present and the me’s and the myselves are just fragments of the imaginaton. An imagination that can and does contort viewpoints into its own perspective.

I have laid on the table today many choices, choices that include passion and purposeful action. Where do I belong, in this big bowl of fish and is it time to disconnect from the normal and see me once more?

I am my own inspiration and love to see my spirit swirl in recognition of my being. I come in three’s, yet I am only one. Sometimes I look to find me and do see myself, knowing I Am here.

Nothing more today but a blog of contemplation for there is a lot going on inside my head. The wheels of living in thought go round and round, knowing when to get off is the quest.

We are and will always be our own Self Role Model, so on days I can get out of my head and into my heart is awesome.

Time to take a walk outside, and outside myself, getting out of my head and into my heart once more. To allow the waves wash thinking from the bed of inner ideas, rake the sand into a smooth configuration, and see the beauty without realization. I am one and the same, as you or I. Clouds painted on windows colours melting into light as they dance upon the panes. Giants walk unoticed leaving footprints in the sands of timelessness.

Now I am done, alone to walk the earth, my footprint small but deep.img_0839

Finding Solace Within Ourselves

imageI had a conversation this morning with my partner. another great vocalization of who we are as human beings, partners, and opposites on this planet. We see things differently,  we believe to a certain extent differently but we have come to value each others opinions, observations and our spiritual connections.

What we talked about this time was, in  general, how have we become such uncompassionate, uninvolved and uncertain about life and the way we go about living it. I hear it all the time in conversations between others, the somewhat valid but undeserving sentence, “Dont get Involved”. No matter what the issue we seem to either have raised hte question or connections to view this as sincere but to be careful to what we say, what we do and how we get involved.

From politics, to doctors, teachers and down the line we are taught not to get personally involved. To listen, because its polite, to give a point a view that is reasonable, respectful but unavoidably uninvolved. To be careful what we say and do, how we  give good advice, or help a stranger becasue it can come back to haunt us.

At what point did we become so self endangered that we cannot help someone in trouble, be a seeker of unopinionated compassion and help out? We see this all the time from the homelessness on  the streets to fclose riendships. We are so careful about lending our hearts out. What gives. Have our homes become that big of a castle, our minds so full of fear, and our hearts so small that we have forgotten how to heal through kind words and a helping hand.

I do remember when doors we not locked, sugar was borrowed and front porch conversations were the best part of the after supper crowd in each neighborhood. As a child I loved to listen to the politics of that era, the baseball scores and us kids just taking over the streets. I know these were different times but people have changed. When did we start not caring anymore and let fear keep us from moving in the right direction.

The chain is weakening, the links are about to break, and when it does where will it leave us? We are not the top dogs here, the top of the food chain. We are however one link in a huge chain that has been here a very long time. If we think we can extinguish life and still carry on, in my opinion its we that will be extinguished.

Most of us believe in a higher purpose, we are one and the same. We pray, we meditate, we chant but seem to ignore whats in our face and that’s, loving our neighbor.

Someone close to me once said ” We look to the heavens for our truth and our answers, hoping that through prayer we will be heard. But our answers are not in the heavens but the people closest to us. Our relations, our friends, even our animals we love so dearly. They are the prayer and the answers to those prayers. Look to those closest to us and believe they are in our lives for a reason, and act accordingly.”

Lets reach out unconditionally, with a honesty and a compassion that we have lost along the way. we are here for a reason and that reason is you and me.




Attitude comes and attitude goes. Shake the head and continue on.  These words came out in sequence to the sentence but Alice only heard blah, blah, blah. Her attention was on the peculiar little man sitting on the rock across from her.  He had his shoes off and his small feet dangling in the water. Hold onto the good thoughts whenever you can, he said, because once they are chased out by some odd ones you just can’t go back to being happy. Well at least not for awhile, until you get around chasing them out of your head.

Again Alice looked at the man, in his funny clothes and opened her mouth to say, excuse me I wasn’t listening, but she thought to herself that in itself was rude. Here she sat with a stranger, well in fact she is the stranger, in his land, Wonderland, and was being rude by not listening to what he said. So she jumped in anyways with a note of, nice day isn’t it, hoping to change the conversation. A bit awkward, but she did open her mouth and words did pore out, but it again sounded like, Blah, blah, blah. Whats going on she thought and as she said this; this person whom she sat across from looked right at her and said; This is what happens when a conversation goes no where. A smile crossed his face and Alice wondered if he was just being polite because he knew she wasn’t listening to a thing he had said.

So once again she opened her mouth and parted her lips, the words formed and this time he acknowledged her and smiled a thank you. What did she say? Ah, yes she could hear him say, and he continued. Most people listen with their minds, subjectively and not with their focus on the person. We assume that what the person will say is not pertinent to what we want to hear so we politely nod our heads in agreement and smile. What did they say we would think but our minds were already on the next verse to come out of our mouth and all is lost. Why do we do this she thought, because now she listened intently. Polite or not she was ashamed of being incoherent and wanted to be on her best behaviour. Maybe she was just like everyone else. How much did she choose to hear over what was really said in a day.

Looking up at the little man in the funny suit, she smiled and this time an apology came roaring out of her mouth. I am truly sorry that I did not pay attention to what you said. I am your guest here and what you say deserves to be heard.

He looked up at her through his rose coloured glasses and they actually reflected into the pond below as he smiled. I agree and your apology is excepted, so now the we both have an open mind to this conversation we are about to have. I will begin by introducing myself to you and you will do the same. My name is Hatter, some call me mad but in a polite  and good mannered way. I am the town cryer here in Wonderland, but not to cry but to announce to people what verse comes to pass from my mouth. I question everything, and you will get used to my philosophy and you may debate me, but come what may just do listen. We have lost the art of listening because we think our conversation is more important.

I do know of you but would be interested  in how you came to be here. It will be a great story I am sure. So come sit closer to me and take those shoes off. Place your feet into the pool of reflection and we will create some good conversation.

So I did as he asked and I listened appropriately , and he in turn listened to me. My feet dangled into the cool clear water and I relaxed my mind, my thoughts and my opinions, never questioning what was said and there was no more Blah, blah, blah in my vocabulary that day. I tied a ribbon around my finger for future reference, to remind me that thoughts are ok when alone but when with others give them the benefit of your attention because if you don’t you may miss something really important.


Monkey See, Monkey Do

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Is it perception, a liking, a manner, a smile. Is it freedom, a mimic, a soul in sadness, gladness? Can you touch it inside, feel it grip to your mind, wrap an image around you, be grateful you can. Return the like jesters, raise a hand in praise. Jump up and down or dance in a parade.

You are the same image, the same likeness, the same brain. Think and rethink, believe and deliver those eye winks, ask the questions when alone in the room. Stare and stare back, it’s your will that persists. Do unto the mirror image as you have the image do for you.

Hot Choclate Macha and The Planets Align

Sometimes all it takes to make an ok day better is to head down to the beach, with a cup of hot chocolate and Macha, and relax. It’s been a rainy Feburary so far so when the sun shone today I knew I would have to go outside.

Sitting down by the water, we looked up to see the stars shining above and the beginning of five planets about to align. It’s been a topic of conversation the past few weeks, the energy, the decisions and the possible manifestations that it could project upon all of us.

So there we sat, my hot chocolate in hand and took it all in. To the side of us we could see the ferry coming in from Powell River, and the outline of the shore across the Strait. To the side there was dog walker enjoying his own vibration of the surf and his dog beside him running through the rocky sand.

My eyes then proceeded to join my heart upwards where I began my vision journey to each planet as it began to,appear on the night sky, I saw four as the fifth was yet to arrive, just before dawn. With each sip the conversation drew us inward toward our thoughts of manifesting, and how it should be done.

Does one meditate on a wish or do we empty out thoughts that no longer belong. Is it possible to manifest an unknown without attachments? I’m trying. I want to bring in the impossible and make it possible. I choose to begin a new experience full of choices and challenges that bring about change, imagechanges we all need. To let go of the past and bring about the present full of young new experiences without expectation.heres to the stars that shine and the moon that rises each night to light our way. Cheers

Its All Down Hill From Here,So She Says But Doesnt Know

It was all downhill so she thought as she slid down into Wonderland. She had only been there once before, and all by a fluke. This time she had an idea as to where she needed to go but would she. There is so much to explore that she hoped she would keep to her thought out itiimagenerary and not lolly gag around. The last rime she slid down she remembered how cold and damp it was, all the roots sticking out. They seemed to reach out to stop her or at least prolong her journey, but this time she knew they were there. Such is life she thought, such is life. It seems to make the smooth rides that you anticipate bumby and the bumby ones, well they are just bumby until you have an idea of where the pitfalls may be and you avoid them.

She hit bottom. Sliding out from beneath the tree, in Wonderland, she dusted herself off and looked about. I wish it looked liked this in the real world, she thought, but she decided not to muddle but to just be and begin. She quickly found the path she saw last time and instead of reacting, and being afraid, she took the first step. A step that in days ahead would help her make tremendous decisions about her future, and all that the mind is made up to be.

Once around the tree she went and to be sure she marked the base with the ribbon from her hair, she didnt want to get lost, she promised to be home for supper. Her mom thought she was at the playground, and she felt bad fibbing but it wasnt really a fib was it.

So who would she meet, this time, if anyone because Alice wasnt sure if she was in her mind living here in Wonderland, or if wonderland lived and her mind finally found the place to find results. Oh never mind too much to think about, off we go now, and see you as things get good on the path to Wonderland.

One step in the right direction without expectation gets one a long way down the road with positive results.

See you soon

One picture a thousand words

As the rain comes down and the wind rages, my thoughts are on the peace I feel inside. The waves are emotion that rumbles through my mind, crashing on the shores of my memories ,ready to rake the random thoughts that no longer belong back into a cold abyss. No more will I access them, gone forever, bringing peace of mind. Say hello to wonderland. Say hello to the beauty the earth reveals.   

Banana Bread and a Rainy Day

imageWe have decided to remove a lot of sugar from our eating habits. OMG, I didn’t think it was so hard. But I know it will be worth it for sure. As Im sitting at my desk, yes I get to work from home, I have the most magnificent view. Large pine trees being swept my very gusty winds and rain that looks like a monsoon. The creek outside has grown into a small river and from the front of the house I can hear the waves pounding the shore.

Fantastic. Especially the energy vocalized by the ocean, its rough and tough smashing the lone logs against the rocky cliff of our neighbours. But theres something thats missing, the sun. We here on the west coast wish for that sun to reappear as soon as the winter arrives. I remember when I first moved here, long time ago, a friend said live here and be a duck and if you can’t grow feathers better fly away. You bet but I never did.

So today even though we have been on this no sugar journey; I have decided to bake a banana bread. The goal is not to eat it all in one night. I have self control but I also have a partner how sees sugar and becomes a ravenous omnivore. He loves anything that smells sweet. Couldn’t help it though, rain and banana bread go hand in hand.

I will let you know how it goes, revamped the recipe to reduce the sugar and if it turns out fabulous I will include the recipe. Sometimes a little baking can rejuvenate the soul and when Alice comes back from Wonderland she will have a lot to write about.


Blah Blah Blah

Yep thats it in a nut shell. The blah ,blah, blah of it all. What nonsense.

Sometimes its so great, especially when you have so much to say, rediculous mounts of nothing that seems to create something, but today its hard to throw out, and throw up, the words.

Guess I need a break from the ordinary world of word thoughts and head down to Wonderland. My wonderland, and yes we all have one, and get down to business.

Wonderland is that place of sub conscious drawl, where no matter what we say, write or do to create, it can and sometimes does work for an audiences. Hey if we have one that is.

So this week I will be down under, in Wonderland, below the surface of mundain living, exploring my self in a different way. A way that may inspire me or hang me upside down. But you know either way it works. The view upside down sometimes makes us make sense.

So the tree awaits my departure form reality and the slide down the fox hole is rough and uncomfortable, but the bottom creates a new place for me to write in. The beauty of it all inspires and the images and people I meet redeem me.

So follow me down if you dare and read my thoughts as they are inspired by the unknown. An awakening. I can feel it traveling down my core to my fingers on the keyboard. Lets see what transpires in Wonderland.

See you there. And what does your wonderland look like?