I find myself climbing a ladder, within the many levels of reality. Seeking recognition, the many layers of the mind searches for approval It melts into thought and the thought process, it merges, Merging with motion and emotion, always perfecting. Acknowledging the growth and sensing abilities with in the self. Thought merges into the mind […]

Fear of Failing

The little girl sat in her room, she thought about everything and everything was in her. On the days she wanted to be a ballerina she was. On the days she played soccer she played her best, and the days she saved the world she did that too. She did everything and more because she […]


Death is just a whisper away. A determination of the spirit to go on.  When Time gives in to a physical deterioration and a life moves on in a remembrance of the living moment The whisper of wings unfolding.  Life is just a moments grace, a totality of ones own deliverance. Its a play played […]

Who Am I Really?

Who are we really? Are we pawns in a game directed by one or by many. How do we choose who plays and who doesnt? How does one find individuality when duality plays a more significant part, mainly in the sub conscious. Finally why are we driven to be the lead every time, when its […]

Questions or Answers?!

Question or Answer? Trees topple in the wind if not properly grounded. Water goes stagnant when rivers do not flow? Directional to its beginning and ending. The sun cannot shine when clouds collect in large numbers. Rain cannot prepare the land for abundance if crops are not planted in preparation for drought. I can add […]