The Quilt We Sew (A self Identified)

A stitch in time, from golden light and feathered wings to darkness and fear, these are elements of what are blankets are made of. Beyond the heavens a gate awaits, a path in which we all walk to. Is there finality there? Look closely at each stitch, each memory, each mile walked. What is it we see, believe or feel? Is there a connection, one stitch, one square, one experience, one understanding? Is it the simplicity of madness or the souls desire to come full circle? Home, where is home? Is it the gate we walk through at the end of the day or is it a patch of our quilt we hold onto not yet ready to let go of. We are one picture, one story with all the stories connected by stitches of emotion. Our quilts are comforting, letting the thread move through your fingers with ease, comforting you on your remembered journey, the cause in which you decided to cut the squares and make the quilt in the beginning. We will make many quilts, cut out many squares in our days make blankets of serenity and joy. We will also sew into those quilts times of great fear and doubt, the blending is what your quilt embraces in you, its maker.

A stitch in time, one moment when we see beautiful colors, or dark muted tones, clowns with funny faces and sometimes demons that breathe fire. Fabric, thread, needles and hands, items that are needed to built your quilt. Love, faith, compassion become the identity, and experience becomes the cause that helps us create what we sew. Stories told, memories engrained for future generations, what does your blanket look like. In birth we begin our quilt and in death we finish, whether we finish or not. Was it worth the time and energy it took to tell the story.


The Quilts design reminds me of life. So many scenarios placed in a square of color coordinated by ideas. Use of tattered or discarded clothes, cloth, materials cut up and sewn together. The way we take our living experiences.

Ragged edges place age related to where it has been and who it now belongs to, also taking into consideration where it may go when bought or given away.

Words written in detail of soft flannel backing, ground in information form years of travel, different owners, yet all the same conclusion, Made for comfort. Picking it up makes me feel good. thoughts go to sleep filled nights and couches after suppers, cozy nights cuddles for two..

Price is right, take it home and begin to place memories into the sewing. Memories of stories, into the threads of patchwork, days into weeks into years. Forever replacing old memories with new ones. Then one day returning the quilt, for a new owner, giving it away to someone loved, a table of goods, in hopes that the new owner will to build their memories too into the infinite threads that have lasted forever.



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