Not Intential Changes- Seasons Come and Go

As I look out my window at my desk, I see Winter moving out and Spring trying to move in. But as with comings and goings, sometimes one is not ready and other wants to move to fast. Its raining, stormy actually, but with the rain comes budding trees and the first flowers of longer days. The wind comes along and cleans out the clutter that has built up along the winter months, sometimes the water in the rivers overflow with the emotion of melting snow. The elements of infinite rotation. Something comes into our lives and then something, quite in balance, is removed. It can be life and then death or possibly union to individuality. The duality of the universe and all its forms.

Sometimes we can foresee those elements which are usually disguised in the in and outs of our days and sometimes we are truly shocked. Maybe we overlooked the small nuances that came and went, and maybe we just couldn’t care because we are blinded by the coming sun. Just like the moving of seasons, the moving of furniture, and the moving of people sometimes we get caught in the door jam together not knowing which way to go. Do we push through hoping the “other”moves backwards to get out of your way or is it visa versa in their favor? Just like Spring wanting to come to soon, the flowers make their way above the soil only to get frozen by a frost to snow to cover them back up. We never know when it could happen but we can prepare.

How do we? Well be level headed and just like with the weather, well we are good at preparation. No doubt we go outside on those warm coming of spring days to plant, seed or bulb but if there is a chance of snow, well we cover our plants to keep them safe. Same for our own, if we can realize that most thoughts or decisions are imperfect just like the weather. So if we know we are going to be  early and we intuit that really, reality, beware the door jam because not everyone is as ready as you. If on the other hand to move to slowly and confidently we can get one stuck too. We do as we do. But to aware of what we do makes the difference in how it all turns out when we meet face to face in that doorway loaded down with our boxes and bags of stuff. Who moves first backwards or forwards doesn’t really matter but to know that it could happen by our own resignation can make it so much easier on ourselves. Take the time to not only use thinking to make decisions, opportunistic to your arrival or departure, your seasons and your timing, but also use your inner intellect to know that the timing is as it should be. Life is worth every moment, every season, every opportunity to grow and become more balanced as humans, on this insane planet of too many choices.We can not win nor do we lose, we choose and within those choices it becomes how the garden grows.

Im preparing for a new Spring with the right timing to proceed not with caution but with the clarity that I don’t forget to weed, care for and sow the garden wisely.


More questions,

Sheltering yourself in a house made of glass brings not clarity when looking from the outside in. Mountains surrounding nations, made to feel safe from intrusion can crumble and flatten, exposing what has been hidden from the world.

Surface measures possibilities scanned in all directions, coupling neighbors in reflections of what they see over the fence. Wisdom read in books, old characters into words if acknowledged, from the binding put together to last for ages. Understanding, moves you to rethink ideas.

Hold a candle to the wind and watch the flame blend and circle in all directions before finally going out. Catch the light at the end of the wick and move the vision farther out from hindsight. See the distance that has separated you for so long, finding the clarity you never saw through the smoke.

Life is right in front of you.

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