Questions or Answers?!

Question or Answer?

Trees topple in the wind if not properly grounded.

Water goes stagnant when rivers do not flow? Directional to its beginning and ending.

The sun cannot shine when clouds collect in large numbers.

Rain cannot prepare the land for abundance if crops are not planted in preparation for drought.

I can add to those sentences the words, do, does, can and a question mark or exclamation point to what  I have written above. We can choose to answer whatever way we choose. But those answers, do they reflect the conditions we place our selves in? In question to explanations.

I want to believe in magic but miracles do not happen until chance becomes choice.


Im on a midnight rendezvous, where I can ride a comet slide down the crescent moon and soon sting shot to the stars.

Lots to think about and please do, write these questions down and quest them as you also find your rendezvous with destiny.

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