I find myself sitting on the floor of my kitchen trying to get my grandsons new puppy to stop crying. He asked me to come over while his parents are away to give him a hand. He’s a busy boy my grandson. School, work and sports. Why a puppy, because he is so active as in hiking, climbing, running, biking he wanted a companion.

Why not I say. It may deter him from dating for awhile and doing something that would keep him up nights in a different way. Puppies like babies need full time care. They need to bond and know that they are not abandon. Just like us. In fact we can learn a lot by caring for a new born animal. May teach us a lot about compassion and unconditional love.

But back to me, yes Im still sitting, live as I write, trying to calm down an 8 week old puppy who feels he’s been abandon by my grandson. He picked him up from out of town and the puppy took to him like rain to a mud puddle. Its too bad there is


not something like maternity leave for new animals in households, as I say Im here and he has soccer practice. If only, he felt safe around me, but Im a stranger. Maybe mom dogs tell their little ones about stranger danger.

But back again to me. I guess what Im trying to say is Im learning patience. Oh I have patience, for adult kids, for work employees, fro drivers, and now for small little adorable innocent puppies. He has these blue eyes, and this little red nose, auburn hair and a big wagging tail. What do I do, my butt is getting sore from the hardwood floor, my legs ache from sitting still, like in meditation. The more I think about it the more I get it. Thank you little one.

So I get my mac and I think I will look up crying puppies. Well I’m told abandonment issues, pain, missing their mother. If only I could speak puppy tongue. I look into those big as the ocean eyes and they are clarifying, you can see through me eyes.

Im doomed to sit, be still, and feel. Well you know thats not a bad thing now is it.



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