Cranberry Lane

She lived on Cranberry Lane. The house at the end of the street, where no one drove. Her house was simple, no colors to allure you on the outside, no white picket fence, not a massive green lawn to stare at, but one thing her house had was love.

Drive down to the end of that street and feel good, but if no one drove down that far, how could they know that at the end of Cranberry Lane you would stop for a moment and smile. Drive up the drive to turn around because that is what you would have to do. Maybe thats why no one did, because it was a hassle to turn about when you only wanted to go on way and that was straight ahead. Why bother to see the view, to smile at her beautiful garden of vegetable and flowers when you had to back up and go back the way you came. What a shame for those who could not get it. Most would get half way notice the sign, “no through road” and go straight on. Like always no one took the chance to believe that that left turn might change their life. What is living without chance. Well its living on a one way street with no turns or turn arounds. Its knowing everything, that you want to know, and nothing different. What a shame for those folks.

Cranberry Lane does go through though. Thats the mystery, because if you went far enough you would notice that next to the drive way, is a small back lane that does connect to another street. You see no one can see that lane because its surrounded by a large beautiful tree and lots of flowers that adorn the entrance. The lane curves so it looks like it is just a part of her driveway but to see farther and with more focus its there bigger than you imagine.

Take a walk down Cranberry Lane and you will understand. Ride your bike even better. The view is spectacular. When you drive you cant really see the visuals that are present. Flowers of every color, bushes that have berries and leaves of every size. All of this laid out for your visual pleasure. The air is filled with aromas that belong to another generation, when there were no cars or industries that smoked out the senses. Smells that filled your mind with wonderful thoughts, thoughts that healed and not persuaded you to be narrow minded.

Cranberry Lane does exist just open your mind and see it. it could be right down your street, maybe the next left you never took. Go find out, explore the options you have to embrace the life you have completely. Do something different, make a different choice. Be adjustable and detach. That same route will always be there but once you experience Cranberry Lane you will always look for a different way home, because you will truly understand whats out there.

She lives on Cranberry Lane, around the corner form Normality. A little white house on the outside but on the inside she embraces a rainbow.


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