Death is just a whisper away. A determination of the spirit to go on. 


When Time gives in to a physical deterioration and a life moves on in a remembrance of the living moment The whisper of wings unfolding. 

Life is just a moments grace, a totality of ones own deliverance. Its a play played out. A drama delivered in a great emotion. A story told in all its glory, a belief in the debate of communication.

Heaven is the nothingness  that encompasses the soul, tempered and polished like old silver. Embroidered on a lace hankie, placed in a drawer for safe keeping. Tears engraved within the fabric.

Hell is the remorse. A removal from an emptiness as it fills us up and spits us out. Daunting and taunting forever after.

Death is just a whisper away, as the mask falls and shatters to the floor revealing the face in all its wonder.

Who are we. We become and then we are not. We build ourselves up and then become adults that are crushed by everything we have held onto since children. How do we overcome the constriction the narrowing of our minds to the choices we make.

Lets stop and breathe. Realize the perfection, of our creation. Lets be a channel to happiness, to joy and to possibility. Our perception is clouded. Like the sun behind the clouds. It is still there, always will be, until it shines again on a cloudless day. Sometimes getting lost is being found. We have it in us that built in compass that can navigate the roughest waters and toughest terrain. All we have to do is believe in positivity. See abundance by giving, feel love by showing gratitude. Be kind and compassionate even though we are hurting inside as well, and do not let fear cloud the unknown. I believe everything happens for a reason and the reason is the human kindred spirit


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