Stuck between two without a middle, isnt polorized. It doesnt make sense either, but what does. One season enters and another exits, do we question when and how they do so? Being content with ones conditions doesnt mean we are unconditional, in fact we find too many things to condition, and control.

The earth moves to the echo of its own sound, the oceans tide when the moon turns its head, long ways into the sun. Weather patterns are content with each others opposition and we huddle in our homes unprepared to walk out our doors.

A baker bakes a loaf of bread, he watches it rise to the occasion, fired by heat. With pride he admires his creation, only to turn his head and begin again. He never questions the ones that he throws away, he just stars over. How many mistakes are made in a day. How many revelations are sought in conjunction with those mistakes? Do we care, or are we daft to what bird pearches on our shoulders. The whispers are clear and unburdened, but in truth we shrug our shouldlers and walk away from what could keep us safe.

Heaven can move mountains but the mountains heaven moves is invisable to many. Its energy like the wind that blows but we shut our windows in case the dust flies. Heaven is also a state of mind, in which the mind empties out and only refills when needed. Thoughts draw pictures, black and white. Thinking makes them colorful, but sometimes we cant find the crayons and withdraw the lines with an eraser. Lines are beautiful when drawn in random, making pictures can cause us to go blind.

Belief is undetermined, bliss is unconventional. Words are nonsense unless we find value in the letters we have put down on paper. I am an ending to a story only half told, but will continue if their are listeners tomorrow.

Do we really understand or are we deaf to the knowledge we are born with but leave unteathered to discover later in life. Perfect and whole our view is smugged until we remember to get the windex and the cloth and wipe the window and we see the clarity that is right in forn tof us. Let the sun shine down, let it warm your bones, turn to see that you are not the reality but the realism of your hearts desire.

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