Life At The Bottom Of The Ocean

Looking down is all I see. Looking up is impossible, unimaginable for me. Sand covered bottom, spacious in its capacity to sit motionless below. Do I sit calmly admist the sandy botom awaiting the next fish to come along to keep me


company. Drifting seaweeds accompanied by mouthfuls of squid and octopus holding me captive.

I cant imagine being anywhere else. Cold waters run deep they say, but cold water also holds the heart still. Blood turns to ice and I am motionless. Freedom is above me, places where the sun shines and the warm air allows swimming. Coral masks the faces of those trying to see below but with little luck can they see deep enough to make a difference. Shallow thinking.

Below the depths I am free to roam around in my thoughts, creating good will among fishes. Crabs and lobster alike hold councils by the grip of their claws only allowing certain individuals to be there. I can see forever but upside down. Which is above I cannot tell anymore. Do I dive down only to hit rock bottom since I am already there. Maybe I could use a rock to dive off of and bouce to the surface now and again. I would like to see what the beaches look like these days. Its been forever since I have heard the wind sweep the sand of particles and debris. Longer since the sun has tanned my skin now so white and wrinkled from the sea water below.

The salt permiates the senses bloating me so I can sometimes float for a distance just to be different, sane I guess. I can do as I please I keep thinking. Do as I want yet I stay here and wallow amongst the bottom feeders and the enlightened ones. There bodies are my flashlights, so I can see into the darksest parts of my soul. Who can save me? Will someone know I am here and throw me a net. I would climb in I think? Maybe I wouldnt.

I dont know if I can survive on the surface among all those who act alike. There is no difference among many. I think I would last only as long as I did. Do I care? Oh of course I do its just I have gotten used to looking upwards all the time. Seeing the visions of all that have gone before me and to seek those who too will make there way down here.

The sea surrounds by body, it feeds my soul, it has captured my being. I float, I can even breathe, just not like you.

I cross my legs and meditate in the solemn sand unaware of what does go on above me, it doesnt matter becasue I am free to choose where I want to be and right now I choose to be, here. Not at the bottom but at the top, for the universe is upside down and I am the one who it evolves around. I can see me and I can see you through this fish tank. There are plastic people, miniture caverns and  tiny fish its all here in my world made of glass.

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