The Glory Of Falling Down.

Life is good, and then there are the days we fall down. Did our feet grow in the middle of the night? Sometimes I wonder if the shoe god takes our shoes and ties invisable knots in them, even if there are no shoe strings. It would be better to have us put our shirts on backwards or tie the sleeves instead, then at least we would have an excuse not to fall over. We would just have no arms for balance.

Falling down is sometimes useful. When we fall down the ground is not so far away and what we see is a different perspective. People are larger and our children can be looked up to. Falling down gives us grace. Grace to understand that we are not as perfect as we would like ourselves to be. When we fall we fall hard, even when we catch ourselves. No one likes to fall. No one wants to be clumbsy let alone look that way. Falling down makes us feel small, inferior to those that watched us go down. It doesnt matter how we did it, it always feels the same.

“Why did you do that, your so stupid, dumby” and the beat goes on. We wonder why we fell, what prompted us to put the wrong foot forward. “It felt awkward this morning, afternoon, evening, I should have known this would happen” Then life falls apart for the most part. You berate yourself, getting  mad for being so unaware of the circumstances.  “If I had only known” is the big one. Of course no one invisble is going to come up to you and tell you be careful today you will fall down. You may sub consciously, but who listens to those gut feelings that could be prophecy for the next twenty-four hours. Life is good until it brings you down hard.

Hitting the floor isnt easy. You cant put yourself in slow motion and then fix it after like a video. Edit it so no one can see you fall. Falling down makes us uneasy like we dont have a grip on life. We would rather be velcroed in place as we start our day, just in case we trip on something. Maybe its our lips, words coming out to fast to catch them. Maybe its our thoughts, they too can run wild and get in our way, bringing us down hard. How about maybe not thinking, being unaware of the fact we are driving a car, riding a bike or even walking. Those physical things that we should be paying attention to, most of the time. Out of the blue, we trip, we crunch, we tumble and we fall. “Be brave, get up, dust yourself off and life goes on and on and on…”. We all make mistakes, not paying attention when we should, we even try to be positive faking it when it happens.  You have and we will again and again.

Crying like a baby, moaning about whose fault it is, or maybe being in denial that you fell is not going to help you get up any faster. Ok it happened now whats next, and how can I fix it, is what we should be doing. Fall down ok, get up yes thats the answer.

Not everyone will have a helping hand, a kind word expressed in our direction or will we get  advice to help us for the next fall. Most of the time we are left behind in our own self creatred misery, with our wounds exposed. Who carries bandages on the road of daily living, not many. How often do you see a person fall then take out a book and read the chapter on falling down? None I think. When we fall, its unintentional. Its not predisposed. We dont have a guide book on falling down, or how to get up for that matter. We just have to keep falling and eventually we will figure it out.

Try falling on purpose, get it over with. The ridicule, the snickering from our peers, and the aches and pains. Everyone falls down, everyone. One day its your turn and other day its someone elses. We we need to do is just carry on. Life happens and somedays it happens to be ungrateful. If your shoes are tied together, laugh about it, untie them. If you have two left feet, apologize that you do and find laughter in it. Complaining will get  us no where. Try new ways of deflection, hit the bushes cycling, trip over a rock while running, move with the challenges of the day. Be grateful that we have the days we fall down because how would we know otherwise.


Falling down may hurt, it may be hurtful but life is good and in the end we are all better off for it. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and when its time to tell your story we will all be listening to learn how you did it.













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