Breathe deeply, completely. Open up to the newness of your thoughts, letting go of the old stale air that you hold onto.

Breath that ligures, holds onto many things without reason.

Thinking, blinking, compression, expansion? Much to do, hold your breath.

Demands, desires, futuristic thoughts, breathe them into eternity never letting them return.

The universe expands within the breath of your lungs, twofold. Air, vaporizes.

The stars shine with each cell that expounds, energy evaporates into other known sources and moves uninhibited, cycling and recycling, returning to be expelled.

Decompress, meditate your emotions. Look at your nose, it remains the same as you inhale. Exhale through your mouth. Say no more.

Decode the images as you compress, decompress, integrate with no regrets.

Decompression, an impression no longer excepted. It wants to linger, there inside.

Its no longer able to sustain, maintaining room for something that could be represented better, physically, with cleaner airways.

Listen to the motion, of breathing. Close you eyes, let it seep quietly into the core eternally. Then once again through the mouth with out words breath out.





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