The Bird

So Im sitting on the couch and there is this bird. Small little bird perched on a newly blossomed tree outside our door to the deck. Looking at the bird I realize that its the same one that came around last year. Curious little bird, I think its a finch, just sits there singing its song of Springs arrival. It sure seems to be looking at me, maybe its a lost soul, like me.

The thing though with this bird, I feel the need to name it making it more personal to me. But how do you name a bird without knowing its gender? So human of me. So Because of this little quirk, Im going to say she, and that is just the woman in me. This so elequently makes this bird a part of the family. Showing up about the same times everyday to sing a tune, gerting our attention, then moving on. My partner talks to her, that is a man thing, and opens the door as an invitation into our world. Would she come in, who knows. Curiousity is open to everything, is it not. The bird sings and we talk back. She looks with her sideways eyes and we look on with both eyes fixed in one direction. Curious.

What do birds think about? Do they believe in God? A creator that they worship, because they believe they were made by that one source? What is the message they bring when they speak in bird tongue, sweetly inviting us into their world of beauty. A world of no nonsense, because it is what it is. No common thought, nor perceptions, no mindless gossip between species just whoever is bigger is the boss. Birds get along, so why dont we? So smple, they just go about their business, for what I can see from the window, watching out for the bigger badder birds that may rob their nest or swoop down and have them for supper.

There she is again, it seems like she knows I am writing about her, and its nature. She is nurturing me with his bird wisdom. How nice of her, because it makes me feel simple too. I kind of want to be in her world, maybe she wants to be in mine? A gesture of kindness as she looks up at the brightness of a reflection and chirps away in delight of my typing. My partner openng the door again to invite this creature into our world of excessive noises and to many thoughts. To be so free, I would rather be a bird, I think. But thats it, isnt it, I think. To much knowledge, to many choices to gather into a brain that maybe justs want to be left alone. No Televison sounds, no advertising, no washer and dryers vibrating the soul to no end. Simplicity to just be and to know only what is needed to know and that is how do I survive in a world of too many choices, and many more thoughts. I think there was a time when we knew how to do but its now gone with the simplicity of life.. A time before time when we woke up and happiness came with out convention.

Well this little soul can enter my space anytime and invite me into his world of song and believing that simple is joyful and happy is just being in the moment singing my own song.



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