No Short Comings

I choose no intruder to awaken my knowledge. No vagabond dreamer to enlighten my soul. No genious to ponder over, for its own sake. I ask for not a knock on my head to crack open the understanding of light that flows endlessly. Like a river its pathways moving through the tunnels of my delicate […]

My Mind Ran Backwards.

My mind ran backwards. It ran through time and didnt stop. There was no confrontation nor intimidation, it just couldnt stop. Did it know where it was going? No, I dont think so. This was a random act of uncivilized action. An experiment of the mind. My thoughts followed. They had no reason either to […]

Graciously I Say To You

Graciously I say to you, inside I believe in you, but on the outside I dont know you. Who are you? Have you ever felt foreign to yourself? Detached, unwilling to accept who you are? To see yourself in the mirror and wonder, then squinting into the mirror and saying “who are you”? Somedays I […]

When Death Comes Knocking

The doorbell rings, your not expecting anyone? Do you answer? Maybe you look out the window, or peek through the drapes. The blinds are closed off and you do not really want any visitors. Your tired. Tired of everything, tired of the purposes of life, but the doorbell keeps ringing, what do you do. This […]

Middle of the road.

What happens when you find yourself in the middle of the road? Well I would hope you would pick a side either to the right or to the left getting out of the way of internal mindless traffic.The kind that is in your head a lot of the time. .Most of the time though we […]

The Silence Within.

The silence within. Who speaks? Who knows? Who commands? Sit within the silence and ask, “Who Speaks”? ¬†Ask again, “Do I Know You”? Does it feel comfortable for you to sit in solence? Breathing and inhaling, without announcing who you are and why you sit? Reach out, touch the soul, it will not beat you […]