How Do you Know

So how do you know? How, do you know. Those thoughts that come and go. There is inspiration and intention always floating about. Theres also aspiration and irrationality digging in. Good ideas, how do you know? Bad Ideas, always you will find them somewhere.

Who says? You do. It comes from within a moments notice and then from out of the blue, you know. Right as it is, it is. Cant get over that, can you?

What goes? Round the corner, through the mind, into thinking. Who goes where and for how long? When will we get there? Who knows, and how do you know?

Reality points us down a path, is it well taken? Why do we care if it is. Do signs really make us feel better about going down that road?. Its still a road. How do we get there, from here? In fact where are you going? We go down the road. Bumpy or not, hole riddled or smooth we have to take it, our life depends on it. Who knows, we do.

Gotta go, oh and where are you going?  Who knows. Who says you have to go?  Cant you stay? No cant stay, movement is essential to knowing, what we know and how we know. Really, are sure? Sure why not.  Are we sure of anything? Of course we are not.


Thats why we have to go down the road. Not that road but the road. Just do it and then when we meet again at the stop sign you can tell me how it went, ok?

Then we will both know.

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