The Silence Within.

The silence within. Who speaks? Who knows? Who commands?

Sit within the silence and ask, “Who Speaks”?  Ask again, “Do I Know You”?

Does it feel comfortable for you to sit in solence? Breathing and inhaling, without announcing who you are and why you sit?

Reach out, touch the soul, it will not beat you nor will it yell loadly in your ear. It will listen and speak accordingly, unselfishly, patiently. It believes in the unknown source that seals your fate.

Do you mind? Does your mind, mind you sitting in silence with no known information flowing through the brain? Can you live without thoughts, without thinking?

Just sit, and do not expect your mind to let you believe you can sit. It will prank you, it will placate you, it will disown you. It believes it owns you and your thoughts. Who is this self that does such things?  Disolve and vanish into the silence and find out.

You and your self, your image, your knowledge, complete you. Memories float in the image and likeness of you. Close the door, open the window and let the music of the heart enter. Let the silence dance to this inner music and breathe. Breathe with the music of the soul, let it speak in the language the mind doesnt understand but the soul knows. You will lead as you will follow, unleashing the self made box you have trapped yourself in. You will make windows, a door and you will be free, to create wisdom.To be and to become someone who realizes that this silence is the wind that just blows words about.

Undo, this chain of memorized sentences. Stand naked inside your self made miage. Whisper love, within the silence and be set free.Dove Beautiful Age Photoshoot - 4

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