Middle of the road.

imageWhat happens when you find yourself in the middle of the road? Well I would hope you would pick a side either to the right or to the left getting out of the way of internal mindless traffic.The kind that is in your head a lot of the time. .Most of the time though we find we are in the middle of the road. Our thoughts cant seem to make up their minds to give us direction. Being in the middle isnt really balanced, its a waiting game. Hope fills the noads in your mind, craters awating commands to help us choose what it is we are choosing.

The word if comes up a lot because without if we would stand there in the middle until something or someone ran us over. Done and done again. Why dd the chicken cross the road? Well it sure wasnt to stop in the middle, on the yellow line. What should I do, is the middle, so is indecision. Sometimes indecision is a wake up call and sometimes its a long time before the taxi comes.

What does it take to cross the road of mindfulness? It takes tanacity and determination. It is understanding and knowledge. The knowledge comes from understanding who you are and where you want to go. Not aimlessly walking around in a haze but having a plan to choose wisely. Wisdom of the mistakes you have made and the wisdom to pick new ways of deciding. Have you been at that cross walk before? Maybe you wanted to jaywalk to get to the otherside quicker and was run over by a bad mistake. Wait and see. Let the light turn green and the cars stop before you decide. And for whatever reason do not stop in the middle and try to figure it all out. Doesnt work. You will be pulled in too many directions. Your thoughts will drive you crazy and you will turn around and go back. Regret the choice and start over. How many times have you done this?

We tend to be pulled in so many directions that the middle seems the safest. Not really. Options drive our lives faster than we know and when we get run over whle standing in the middle it will hurt. Be willing to change direction, be wise to know where you are going. Find facts in the challenges you face. Face the future with a smile and cross the middle with determination.

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