Graciously I Say To You

Graciously I say to you, inside I believe in you, but on the outside I dont know you. Who are you?

Have you ever felt foreign to yourself? Detached, unwilling to accept who you are? To see yourself in the mirror and wonder, then squinting into the mirror and saying “who are you”? Somedays I know myself, and on other days I sense that I am in someone elses body. Does that make me different, other than normal? Its that feeling you get when you think you are seeing out of your bodies eyes and not your own.

It gives me a different perspective. A third party look at my agenda. If Im not me than can I realistically make the assumptions I do about the things I know? Who do I model myself? The me or the other me? If you think about it a little the only model we really can portrait is the self. We see ourselves first, discovering and uncovering things we know about. We also feel out ideas we do not know much about. How do we then direct the picture? To see ourselves involved makes us desire something about the experience, making us our own role model. Who looks up to who first? I think we look up to ourselves first, then maybe we consider someone else after. There are times when we may say “I would like to be like himor her”. But really how can we image ourselves that way. Mirrors dont lie in fact they tell the truth, if we see deep enough.

So when you say something gracious, its your own role modeling thats coming through. It comes in many ways. In thought, word and deed. Can we, should we, could we are the ways we think about the action and the experience. How we choose then reverts into the self role models way of dealing with whatever it is that you are dealing with.

Sometimes we are just to kind to ourselves. We refuse notice the parts of our plans that wont work, that shouldnt be impleminted. We graciously build up our ego, subconsciously untieing the knots in our brains and forming the opinion we seek. To kind, to dillusional, the mirror doesnt lie so why do we think we can fool the mirror. To understand the vision is to be ungrasious and truthful.

Realism, do we honestly understand that word. How realistic are we when we talk to the image in the mirror. Do we engauge, talk, understand what we ask of ourselves? Do we spend time, deciding what is the best option, or do we just pick a number and hope for the best? A little of everything I believe. Sometimes we know ourselves and sometimes we are a stranger to the very thoughts we are thinking. Detached, we can conquer, mentor and understand. We can then stand in the mirror and believe in the grace we give ourselves. So next time you so graciously say something to the image in the mirror, tell the image you love the person you see.IMG_0043

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