My Mind Ran Backwards.

My mind ran backwards. It ran through time and didnt stop. There was no confrontation nor intimidation, it just couldnt stop. Did it know where it was going? No, I dont think so. This was a random act of uncivilized action. An experiment of the mind.

My thoughts followed. They had no reason either to do this but they did. Sentences produced from memories, words gathered at the front of the line but had no venue to see. They just gathered and waited for time to be the center of attraction.

My body was unaware, the brain still functioned, the heart beat to the pressure of blood being pursued by the rest of me. Inside and out, outside and in, I see through my eyes. Things just things, pictures that are created by words and sentences. Unrelated to this thing time is doing. My mind equates, my thinking is enabled, like a computer downloading for future reference.

I think, I will, I am. I will just wait for my mind to decide its done and then return to run forward, this time maybe stopping in the present for awhile.


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