It Is What It Is and I am a Mess

Just as I am I am within. Just as I am not nothing can be, Ever.

Who can say who I am, or am not?

I am imagination. I am indifference. I am serenity, not only, but a pot hole full of emotion.

I cannot say who I am or am not for the words are jumbled. Misconceptions, a meandering of the senses.

To touch is to hold onto everything. To see, is to view the world completely. To hear, is to listen to vocals in motion..

Life is beautiful. Life is endearing. Life is what you make it.

Some days, I feel so full and content and some days I am a mess. Lost in the ever changing emotions of what I consider living life to the fullest. Sometimes it feels like I could drown


. Sure I climbed down the ladder to see what it was like at the bottom of the well. I felt confident that the rope would hold where I tied it. How would I know that my knot wouldnt hold? So here I am at the bottom of the well, wondering how to get back up to the top. Im in a mess of my own making.

How often do we find ourselves in a pickle. Good intentions can only uncover somethings but full disclosure only happens when we are immersed in our own well without a rope to climb up. I know I will figure it out, find a way to call for help, maybe even climb up on my own. Its all in a days work, when working on ourselves. Never give up, and never get down on yourself becaause it is what it is and only sometimes is it a mess.

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