What? Whatever? What if? What the f…k? Yes whatever. Define, but do not be defensive, it will hurt. Contain but why be contained if you don’t have to. Words define, words contain. They are uninstructive, destructive yet they give us viable information on a thought level of mindfulness. Words say what the mind may not […]

Peace Out

Peace. Does Peace really exist? Can you find it? Where will you find it? Maybe if we looked really hard we could find it in a book. The one about the family, that made you cry. Did you look under the bed, is it there? How about hiding in that shoebox in the closet, you […]

The Tides

The depth of the ocean vanishes, as small tidal pools form amongst the soft sand. Creatures appear, digging themselves out from under the wet rocks and salty vegitation. Dizzy from the push and pull of the ocean they wander around aimlessly trying to get their bearings. Hastely they move about making the most of the […]

Mind Games Whose Really Playing?

Does the MInd play games? Whose really playing? Who starts the game, and what begins the thoughts that play the game? This is thoughtful thinking. Think about it, with every interaction between two thoughts, whether those thoughts come from one person or more than one, there begins a conversation. But my quest here is to […]