What? Whatever? What if? What the f…k? Yes whatever.

Define, but do not be defensive, it will hurt. Contain but why be contained if you don’t have to. Words define, words contain. They are uninstructive, destructive yet they give us viable information on a thought level of mindfulness.

Words say what the mind may not want to, and if in doubt it comes out of the mouth as what? Whatever. What can we do with what? Do we dare keep it? Many find it obtrusive. Others say can you do without it. What?

What if the what if’s left us? Are we undernourished emotionally? What can I do if I don’t have what? Oh never mind I want thinking was I? Whatever.

What can I do for you? Maybe never say what again. But what is important. It gets your attention doesn’t it? You look up out of your comfort zone and stare blankly at my mouth as if I swore. What the f…k. Say it different, yeah whatever. It’s a defining word. Sometimes it means everything and other times it means well, whatever.

What attracts attention wherever it goes. Pay attention and it may ruin your day. It comes and it goes all the time from mouth to mind, to thought and to an understood emotion. Can you dig it. What? I wasn’t listening. What? Whatever just don’t say it again.

What can I say in its place. Excuse me I didn’t hear you? Huh what? It’s always there whether we want to embrace it or not. It is arrogant to some, abusive to others and to those that are deaf, its what can you repeat that? What the f..k Cant you hear me? Whatever.

No more please. Words are just words and they are not battlegrounds for the educated in proper english. It is who we are and what are we? What? No more whatever!


Peace Out


Does Peace really exist? Can you find it? Where will you find it?

Maybe if we looked really hard we could find it in a book. The one about the family, that made you cry. Did you look under the bed, is it there? How about hiding in that shoebox in the closet, you know where you put it way back in 1970? Yes that peace, the one forgotten about.

Peace within, where does it exist? In the heart? How about in the belly, where we process all our feelings? I bet you could find a peace of it between your toes, when you walk on the sand beneath your feet. Remember how good that felt?

Peace around. Look about, can you see it in the air or in the sea? Open your hands to the breeze as it tickles your skin, is peace there? The color of the sky at night fall, does it represent being at peace? How about the face of an angel? The child that is smiling at you right now, while you stare blankly off into space. Is peace there. That bird flying by, is peace hitching a ride on its back? Is it going to the place where darkness abides by no rules? Bet you dont know, do you?

Peace above, what is that to you? Is it the rainbow that you see after the rain? Could it be the old woman kneeling in a pew before church begins, asking for forgiveness, or maybe her life? Is this peace filled? How about the atmosphere as it  paints the clouds, making


pictures in the sky? The internet shows you people taking pictures of praying hands, or gods face. Peace begets whispers into the heart. Can you hear them?

Many pieces make a whole. The puzzle is complete when the pieces make a picture that you can relate to. Peace be with you.




Looking Out My Window

Im sitting in my office staring out the window. What is out there? What am I thinking about. I stare blankly at the movement of the trees as they sway with the wind. There is no resistance; no pushing back at the wind as it leans inself into the bulk of the tree. The tree just is as is the wind.

The sky outside is gray, clouds covering the sun. I cannot hear the sun asking the clouds to move on, feeling covered and cold. The sun waits. Until it is, its turn to shine. The sun is considerate, it always is.

Looking down at the earth anad grass below I am greeted by spiders and ants commencing about their day. They are neither bothered or bewildered by the wind and its movement or the rain and its wetness. They move on and adapt to the choices they have made. Life goes on in their world without a worry.

Nothing in nature tries to control another part of nature. Life shows up and then is divided into days of growth and days of distress. Somethings in nature learn to thrive and some die just after birth but no one blames another. Life goes on.

My thoughts are void as I continue to stare. Its as if they have retreated into the background so I may also grow in this moment. No words of regression and fear. Thoughts of security and pain. Just being in this moment mkes me whole. I see the truth in what is created and what nature does to survival.

From earth to sky this planet completes itself. Each creature is a complimant to each other. Everything is needed to be complete. There is no struggle to find self importance. No knowledge of control. Each  creature commands it own presence in a role they have long played out. I wish for the same.

Peace and serenity are my compliment. My breath makes me whole as it moves in and out of my lungs. My heart beats out a rhythm of self being in which the choices I make are my kingdom.

I am smiling now. Even though it is dreary and cold. The wind beating its way around pushing the waves up onto the shore. Its all good. Tomorrow the sun may shine and everything will look different but yet it is the same.

A eagle flies by and I think he saw me.img_0839

The Tides

The depth of the ocean vanishes, as small tidal pools form amongst the soft sand. Creatures appear, digging themselves out from under the wet rocks and salty vegitation. Dizzy from the push and pull of the ocean they wander around aimlessly trying to get their bearings. Hastely they move about making the most of the low tide before once again being emersed in the depth of their personal realities.

Sounds like us on any given day, always at the mercy of the ebb and flow of emotions. We are Creatures of emotional habit. We too wander around aimlessly, trying to figure out something that we have our minds wrapped around. During the high tides we,may float about in bliss swimming in the depth of our thoughts. Other times diving down in hopes of a morsel of food for thought to bite into too. Completely emersed in our own self we identify with our surroundings going about the business of survival. Yet do we understand what we do?

Once again the tide returns slowly consumming all the creatures who have gotten used to the warmth of the sand and seaweed. The tide comes in and the tides roll out. Each time continuing the consumation or liberation of life in the seas.

How do we survive our tides? The emptiness, as all emotion flows out of us onto a world of many choices and situations. How do we complete our tasks indifferent to the washing away of one thought into a ripple of another as the waves begin to come in again. As the tides roll out we are exposed, our hearts open to all discussion that may be taking place between us. We amble about trying not to get run over by bigger creatures, ones with human footprints, before digging ourselves into the sand for protection. Within an experience we tide. We begin by being exposed to all the elements through choices and the challenges. Once we understand the exposure to the elements of actions we dance about in deliberation of the choices we have. Being open to the world while the tide is out or digging in deep until the tides reurn. Choices demand a lot of us emotionally even though we may think it does not. Once the tide rolls in we breathe until it happens again.

If we are not paying attention we are swept away but if we do pay attention to the ebb and flow of our emotional self we can and will survive each tide and grow because if it.




The Story of Choice and how he met Challenge and created Change

Once upon a time there was a word named Choice. Choice was born into a nice home with other words that were common and caring. Choice loved to be active. He would gather thoughts into sentences and end them in question marks to get attention. He grew into a great choice handler and never wondered what came next. Choice knew he had to have many ways to comprehend his job. Some days it was tougher than others becauase he had to be touch. Other days he rejoiced in being able to deliver great joys to people and not hard questions.

One day Choice was starting his day as usual, coordinating what questions he had to deliver to the people on his list. One woman was to be given the questions of who and what, and another, what and where. There was a third person too today, a young boy, whose just started having Choices enter his life. He had been given the question of why. Choice got going, starting with the two older people because they were used to wondering what to do. He decided to help the boy last since it was his first time. First times are always the hardest until the person gets in tune with what Choice brings, then most learn to flow but sometimes people do get stuck. But getting stuck was not Choices issue that was another department, there were no worries on his part. As long as he entered the question of Choice into their thoughts that is all that was required of him.

As Choice worked with the boy, he noticed for the first time that the boy was nervous. He didnt seem to understand why Choice is there. This bothered Choice so he took a moment to breath and he tried to go beyond his boundries to figure it out. The boy just sat there, thinking. He seemed to understand what was in front of him but he didnt seem to go to the next step. Choice knew he needed to move on but he stayed and watched the scene develop. Sometime later Choice looked in on the boy’s thoughts and discoveed something he’d never seen before. He noticed that inside the thought process there was another faction in this process, that he was a part of. The boy seemed to be having a conversation inside his mind. Choice also noticed that among the questions moving about there was another C word begininng to form. It was Challenge. He had heard of the word Challenge before and he also rememberd that they lived on the next block below with other word forms he had never had to deal with. But there he was watching this word Challenge bring another level into the thoughts the boy was thinking about.

Challenge brought differnce into the equation. It was not as simple as Choice thought when he gathered his information to deliver as the question. After the question was dilevered he now understood the next process was the deliberation and that was Challenges job. He created unbalance in his sentence structure making people look at the question in more than one way. This was interseting to Choice. It isnt as easy as he had been lead to believe. So he watched and he listened to the banter between fractions of the boys mind. The wandering back and forth of equations to deliver this next step. So Choice understood. He is the beginning, the thought, after that there was another step, in which the word Challenge came into perspective. It was a way to find balance within the question the person had to understand. Choice liked Challenge, and Challenge soon taught Choice he was an intrical part of the way things are. No matter what the person thought and the decision made, there was a system in place that the person needed to go through to find the answers to the questions Choice delivered.

So together Choice and Challenge watched the boy understand. He choose and he was challenged with the equation but also he learned. Together they understood too that no matter who was delivering the box full of knowledge that there was a foundation to be built upon. So Choice decided to ask Challenge if he wanted to work together as a team. Because maybe together they could effect a new word in a new level of consciousness. So the word Change was born and he was born into a house that had two levels and many rooms. He was the beginning and the end of everything. Because without Change both Choice and Challenge could not move forward and create better questions to be deliverd to the thought process.

And in the end the work of Choice, Challenge and Change lived happily ever after working for the good of all people.

Choice cannot happen without Challenge. Challenge is balanceing out outcomes, which in the end lead to Change. A Change in attitude, understanding and the knowledge to change directions for the better.

Mind Games Whose Really Playing?

Does the MInd play games? Whose really playing? Who starts the game, and what begins the thoughts that play the game? This is thoughtful thinking.

Think about it, with every interaction between two thoughts, whether those thoughts come from one person or more than one, there begins a conversation. But my quest here is to question, what goes on between our mind and the sentences that are constructed, in conversation. Is it a conversation that is thoughtful or a controlled game gioverned within a brain thats already a few steps ahead on the board, with no postive ending? A mind game played by one or more. A convertion of sorts where our thoughts are debated in conversation with another, or silently inside. Who writes the this conversation with our thoughts. Yet to what end?

It could begin like this.  A random thought enters our concoiusness. A suggestion, an inquirey. The person has no agenda, just a simplicity to something they thought of. But then the quest becomes either to agree or to disagree. To believe or to disbelieve. Is the thinker being true to its thought process or diversive to the game that is being played.

Maybe, just think about it, the mind is that diversive that it can begin a game of chance without our knowledge, commanding the start of a percieved war of sorts between anyone at any time. What you believe, what you know and understand can all be pawns in this game. Colors of like or dislaike can push the boards buttons to activate some sort of reaction or action. This moves you down the board to a better place or backwards inside to find some kind of insecurity you have carried around for awhile.

Smart mind, subconsciously controling us for better or for worse. Its moody at times, as we spin the wheel to allow another turn. Which way do we go? Do we steel another turn or is our turn stolen by another lmaking us feel cheated on emotionally.

The game we never knew we played. Im sure most of the time we feel we are the ones in control, but are we? We arrive at a point in time where we say to ourselves, good day or bad day? Happy mood or bad mood. Whose turn is it to play?  Wait its my turn, thus turning what you felt as a good emotion into a ugly one because you feel cheated.

Get my drift. The mind in all its repressed glory, runs the show. How though can we beat it at its own game. Can we truly not play? Im not sure our intellect can compose that thought before we are cornered by the start of a game we didnt know we are already playing.

I do think we can understand the rules a little better making it harder for the mind to control the outcome of this game we play. Meditation, silence, intercepting the thoughts before our words are formed and spoken. Being active, makes the mind recead into the background for awhile. Breathing with the control of selflessness and being mindful. Making us aware of the rules we were never given. We then become knowledgeable and are one step ahead of the game.

If we know the game has already begun we are always one step ahead.



Words can calm yet words create troubled waters. Letters are just that letters, until they are brought together by the mind to form a truth that maybe we would rather not say.

One line drawn at a time, one pencil movement by the hand upon paper and we have thought. With our eyes we see, with our heart we feel and with our mouths we voice opinions. War started with one word. Love started with another. An artist in the truest of terms.

With one breath we can remain silent, undoing what we may have done. With lips closed we will smile, silently thinking something other than words. Going beyond the moment we can fix everything, if we dont speak. Speaking means learning, it is knowledge and understanding first. Let your ears do the speaking. Listen intently before forming words into sentences that cannot be taken back. There is no inhaling the letters in reverse once they are spoken. Remember that.

Words as art become colorful. The tongue paints a picture of greens and blues, yellow and orange. Tune out the darker colors, spit out the blackness that some words create in your voice box. Vocalize the color of the sun and be beautiful in your speeches. Allow others their due. Walk away with your heart open and negate the temptation to use foul language to get your point across. A point that is mute if anger or fear is abused.

Laughter is the key. Laughter that colors the voice without temptation to provoke, but puts emphasis on joy nad the words that make people feel good.