Words can calm yet words create troubled waters. Letters are just that letters, until they are brought together by the mind to form a truth that maybe we would rather not say.

One line drawn at a time, one pencil movement by the hand upon paper and we have thought. With our eyes we see, with our heart we feel and with our mouths we voice opinions. War started with one word. Love started with another. An artist in the truest of terms.

With one breath we can remain silent, undoing what we may have done. With lips closed we will smile, silently thinking something other than words. Going beyond the moment we can fix everything, if we dont speak. Speaking means learning, it is knowledge and understanding first. Let your ears do the speaking. Listen intently before forming words into sentences that cannot be taken back. There is no inhaling the letters in reverse once they are spoken. Remember that.

Words as art become colorful. The tongue paints a picture of greens and blues, yellow and orange. Tune out the darker colors, spit out the blackness that some words create in your voice box. Vocalize the color of the sun and be beautiful in your speeches. Allow others their due. Walk away with your heart open and negate the temptation to use foul language to get your point across. A point that is mute if anger or fear is abused.

Laughter is the key. Laughter that colors the voice without temptation to provoke, but puts emphasis on joy nad the words that make people feel good.



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