Mind Games Whose Really Playing?

Does the MInd play games? Whose really playing? Who starts the game, and what begins the thoughts that play the game? This is thoughtful thinking.

Think about it, with every interaction between two thoughts, whether those thoughts come from one person or more than one, there begins a conversation. But my quest here is to question, what goes on between our mind and the sentences that are constructed, in conversation. Is it a conversation that is thoughtful or a controlled game gioverned within a brain thats already a few steps ahead on the board, with no postive ending? A mind game played by one or more. A convertion of sorts where our thoughts are debated in conversation with another, or silently inside. Who writes the this conversation with our thoughts. Yet to what end?

It could begin like this.  A random thought enters our concoiusness. A suggestion, an inquirey. The person has no agenda, just a simplicity to something they thought of. But then the quest becomes either to agree or to disagree. To believe or to disbelieve. Is the thinker being true to its thought process or diversive to the game that is being played.

Maybe, just think about it, the mind is that diversive that it can begin a game of chance without our knowledge, commanding the start of a percieved war of sorts between anyone at any time. What you believe, what you know and understand can all be pawns in this game. Colors of like or dislaike can push the boards buttons to activate some sort of reaction or action. This moves you down the board to a better place or backwards inside to find some kind of insecurity you have carried around for awhile.

Smart mind, subconsciously controling us for better or for worse. Its moody at times, as we spin the wheel to allow another turn. Which way do we go? Do we steel another turn or is our turn stolen by another lmaking us feel cheated on emotionally.

The game we never knew we played. Im sure most of the time we feel we are the ones in control, but are we? We arrive at a point in time where we say to ourselves, good day or bad day? Happy mood or bad mood. Whose turn is it to play?  Wait its my turn, thus turning what you felt as a good emotion into a ugly one because you feel cheated.

Get my drift. The mind in all its repressed glory, runs the show. How though can we beat it at its own game. Can we truly not play? Im not sure our intellect can compose that thought before we are cornered by the start of a game we didnt know we are already playing.

I do think we can understand the rules a little better making it harder for the mind to control the outcome of this game we play. Meditation, silence, intercepting the thoughts before our words are formed and spoken. Being active, makes the mind recead into the background for awhile. Breathing with the control of selflessness and being mindful. Making us aware of the rules we were never given. We then become knowledgeable and are one step ahead of the game.

If we know the game has already begun we are always one step ahead.

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