The Tides

The depth of the ocean vanishes, as small tidal pools form amongst the soft sand. Creatures appear, digging themselves out from under the wet rocks and salty vegitation. Dizzy from the push and pull of the ocean they wander around aimlessly trying to get their bearings. Hastely they move about making the most of the low tide before once again being emersed in the depth of their personal realities.

Sounds like us on any given day, always at the mercy of the ebb and flow of emotions. We are Creatures of emotional habit. We too wander around aimlessly, trying to figure out something that we have our minds wrapped around. During the high tides we,may float about in bliss swimming in the depth of our thoughts. Other times diving down in hopes of a morsel of food for thought to bite into too. Completely emersed in our own self we identify with our surroundings going about the business of survival. Yet do we understand what we do?

Once again the tide returns slowly consumming all the creatures who have gotten used to the warmth of the sand and seaweed. The tide comes in and the tides roll out. Each time continuing the consumation or liberation of life in the seas.

How do we survive our tides? The emptiness, as all emotion flows out of us onto a world of many choices and situations. How do we complete our tasks indifferent to the washing away of one thought into a ripple of another as the waves begin to come in again. As the tides roll out we are exposed, our hearts open to all discussion that may be taking place between us. We amble about trying not to get run over by bigger creatures, ones with human footprints, before digging ourselves into the sand for protection. Within an experience we tide. We begin by being exposed to all the elements through choices and the challenges. Once we understand the exposure to the elements of actions we dance about in deliberation of the choices we have. Being open to the world while the tide is out or digging in deep until the tides reurn. Choices demand a lot of us emotionally even though we may think it does not. Once the tide rolls in we breathe until it happens again.

If we are not paying attention we are swept away but if we do pay attention to the ebb and flow of our emotional self we can and will survive each tide and grow because if it.




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