Looking Out My Window

Im sitting in my office staring out the window. What is out there? What am I thinking about. I stare blankly at the movement of the trees as they sway with the wind. There is no resistance; no pushing back at the wind as it leans inself into the bulk of the tree. The tree just is as is the wind.

The sky outside is gray, clouds covering the sun. I cannot hear the sun asking the clouds to move on, feeling covered and cold. The sun waits. Until it is, its turn to shine. The sun is considerate, it always is.

Looking down at the earth anad grass below I am greeted by spiders and ants commencing about their day. They are neither bothered or bewildered by the wind and its movement or the rain and its wetness. They move on and adapt to the choices they have made. Life goes on in their world without a worry.

Nothing in nature tries to control another part of nature. Life shows up and then is divided into days of growth and days of distress. Somethings in nature learn to thrive and some die just after birth but no one blames another. Life goes on.

My thoughts are void as I continue to stare. Its as if they have retreated into the background so I may also grow in this moment. No words of regression and fear. Thoughts of security and pain. Just being in this moment mkes me whole. I see the truth in what is created and what nature does to survival.

From earth to sky this planet completes itself. Each creature is a complimant to each other. Everything is needed to be complete. There is no struggle to find self importance. No knowledge of control. Each  creature commands it own presence in a role they have long played out. I wish for the same.

Peace and serenity are my compliment. My breath makes me whole as it moves in and out of my lungs. My heart beats out a rhythm of self being in which the choices I make are my kingdom.

I am smiling now. Even though it is dreary and cold. The wind beating its way around pushing the waves up onto the shore. Its all good. Tomorrow the sun may shine and everything will look different but yet it is the same.

A eagle flies by and I think he saw me.img_0839

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