Peace Out


Does Peace really exist? Can you find it? Where will you find it?

Maybe if we looked really hard we could find it in a book. The one about the family, that made you cry. Did you look under the bed, is it there? How about hiding in that shoebox in the closet, you know where you put it way back in 1970? Yes that peace, the one forgotten about.

Peace within, where does it exist? In the heart? How about in the belly, where we process all our feelings? I bet you could find a peace of it between your toes, when you walk on the sand beneath your feet. Remember how good that felt?

Peace around. Look about, can you see it in the air or in the sea? Open your hands to the breeze as it tickles your skin, is peace there? The color of the sky at night fall, does it represent being at peace? How about the face of an angel? The child that is smiling at you right now, while you stare blankly off into space. Is peace there. That bird flying by, is peace hitching a ride on its back? Is it going to the place where darkness abides by no rules? Bet you dont know, do you?

Peace above, what is that to you? Is it the rainbow that you see after the rain? Could it be the old woman kneeling in a pew before church begins, asking for forgiveness, or maybe her life? Is this peace filled? How about the atmosphere as it  paints the clouds, making


pictures in the sky? The internet shows you people taking pictures of praying hands, or gods face. Peace begets whispers into the heart. Can you hear them?

Many pieces make a whole. The puzzle is complete when the pieces make a picture that you can relate to. Peace be with you.




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