What? Whatever? What if? What the f…k? Yes whatever.

Define, but do not be defensive, it will hurt. Contain but why be contained if you don’t have to. Words define, words contain. They are uninstructive, destructive yet they give us viable information on a thought level of mindfulness.

Words say what the mind may not want to, and if in doubt it comes out of the mouth as what? Whatever. What can we do with what? Do we dare keep it? Many find it obtrusive. Others say can you do without it. What?

What if the what if’s left us? Are we undernourished emotionally? What can I do if I don’t have what? Oh never mind I want thinking was I? Whatever.

What can I do for you? Maybe never say what again. But what is important. It gets your attention doesn’t it? You look up out of your comfort zone and stare blankly at my mouth as if I swore. What the f…k. Say it different, yeah whatever. It’s a defining word. Sometimes it means everything and other times it means well, whatever.

What attracts attention wherever it goes. Pay attention and it may ruin your day. It comes and it goes all the time from mouth to mind, to thought and to an understood emotion. Can you dig it. What? I wasn’t listening. What? Whatever just don’t say it again.

What can I say in its place. Excuse me I didn’t hear you? Huh what? It’s always there whether we want to embrace it or not. It is arrogant to some, abusive to others and to those that are deaf, its what can you repeat that? What the f..k Cant you hear me? Whatever.

No more please. Words are just words and they are not battlegrounds for the educated in proper english. It is who we are and what are we? What? No more whatever!


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