When In Doubt.

When in doubt, believe. When in doubt, take a breath. When in doubt, be mindful of the thoughts you keep.

What is believing without doubt? What does it look like? We doubt more than we believe. Its hard for us to believe, especially in ourselves. What we believe in is failure. To fail is to live comfortably inside our doubts. To access success we need to let go of the doubts we carry. Especially doubts about who we are. The future is never written it exists only as it is experienced. So let it go and believe the next step is certain.

Does doubting exist or does doubt always arrive first. It seems we were born with this emotion, doubt. Doubt arrives inside our parents thoughts. We then carry their emotional fears with us. Their doubts begot ours as we saw them delivered within their own experiences with life.

Doubt is full of expectation. It thinks, yes it does, as you do. Egotism at its finest. Do not doubt me.

So when in doubt, just make it sensable. See doubt as an experience that has to be tried. Never keep its company, its not a fun friendship. Doubt likes to play games like ring around the rosy but you will be so dizzy before your done that doubt will have you thinking differently than when you began. Its like musical chairs with you losing everytime because you cant think clearly. You may think theres another chair but of course doubt has removed it from your sight.

Doubt doesnt contain the memories you give it. Doubt only contains a one sided view. Be powerful, be courageous, be not doubtful but mindful and do only one thing. Be brave and try. Even if you loose you will have an understanding of why you lost instead of the doubt that has no option.

Doubt no more.

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