Alone Time

IF you love someone give them space. If you are loved allow yourself time to rejuvenate by being alone. Alone time does not mean being alone. We are never truly alone. We belong to our selves, the me ,myself and I’s, all of which are always present. Find space and allow yourself to breathe without thought, without action and without distraction.

Finding time to be who you think you are will help you become the person you never knew existed. That hidden person-ality, alien to you will come become the best friend you never had. Someone that is there to help you make those needed decisions. Never self absorbed, being alone is a completeness we cannot find when surrounded by others. Everyone is entitled to a break, or the human will do just that, break.

Love yourself, the self, the being who lives so quietly inside. The thinker, the meditator, the awesome friend that can only be there for you when your alone. Its the comedian, that makes you laugh at your own jokes, the babysitter that tells you stories of joy when your down and the protector who conquers the bad thoughts that can enter your mind when you are alone. A friend indeed, one that is truly your best friend.

So if you are loved ask for silence, ask for alone time. If you love in return do the same, each person cannot be whole without. Make yourself a place of peace, read a book, meditate, learn a new craft, or just sit and think nothing. Nothing is sometimes everything and wihtout it we can never find ourself. Magic happens, truth shows its face and for once the smile illuminates the spaces around you.

One will then become more once again, united as couples, family and friends, making you feel as you are, unique and special.

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