Leaning toward Kindness

In todays world we seem to find kindness somewhere between doing someone a favour and “hmm, what’s that word again?” Kindness isn’t just for family, sometimes, co-workers when you need a favour or your neighbour when you can’t find anyone else to help you out. Kindness isn’t a payback feature on Facebook or Instagram. Picture, […]

Today I will Be Alice, in her Wonderland. A Story so sit and listen.

Alice in Wonderland or is it Alice in wander. What can she find? What does she achieve? Today I would be Alice. Wandering in my land of illusion, diillusion, priority and necessity. I will move consciously through my myth, coming out the otherside a hero. Yes a hero. My hero witstanding all illusions as some […]


What is a conversation? Does it start with a question or a quest for knowledge? Is it appropriate or appreciated? Conversed or constricted? Whose listening? Who has closed ears because of their own internal conversation? If perople listened would it be different? Could we learn anything, because we listened? Would the world be changed or […]