New Year, New Ideas

Some years are good years, full of riches. Soulful riches, when you have ideas and your plans work out. Other years seem lean, no fat for the bacon you want to taste, smell and ultimately eat.

2016 was a lean year. We had to work hard for what we received. Our mind evaluated too much stuff, our bodies grew even though we asked it not to. The activity seemed to enlarge our ego and do little for the belly fat. We got older.

If we had children, they rebeled. If we had partners and marraiges they became difficult and unmanagable. No one wanted to cooperate within your field of vision. Yes?

2017 is now upon us. A new year, new ideas.

Choices will abound, always do. Managing those new ideas, new choices, unwanted challenges and they come. How will you survive?

Will you succumb or will you be successful in your endevours to swim and not sink? So many choices, so many avenues to sink or swim. What do you do?

Will you survive? Find out what makes you happy. What makes you not stress out at the choices laid out in front of you. Be brave in those choices. Even when it becomes a challenge, find the courage to move forward until another choice makes its voice known. You will survive.

All roads have bumps and ditches. But we do have mental tools to make it over and around them. Be aware. Don’t drive too fast, walk instead of run. Take the time to read the instructions before you proceed. Its all good advice. When you decide to go swimming take one step into the emotional waters at a time. Feel for those divits, those stones and sink holes so you don’t drown. Be wise and observant.

Nothing I am saying to you has not been said before, but when you can visualize the turmoil, challenge yourself or slow down and see what might be wrong with the picture.You will find the grace you need to move forward. Sword and sheild, armour, not always neccessary, but it’s all there for a reason if you need it. That reason being your self worth, your growth and your potential happiness.

Go for it but go slow. Be kind to you mind by rethinking it over in more than one way. Be brave and say not yet when it comes to choices.

The final word is Love. Love yourself and know that not all choices are the right ones. Even though they may feel good in the moment they may have strings attached that you cannot see or forsee the pitfalls. You can do what you choose to do, just take a deep breath before you do it.

Gotta go, time for me to put this into action for myself.

Peace out.

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