Buddah Smiles

As I look about my office I see ecclectic things. How I arranged those things and what it all means to me.

I have buddah smiles, mantra beads, aboriginal carvings and pictures old and dear to me.

Belief is ominus and omnipotent. It is sereal and serendipitous. It grieves with us and it brings joy also. How much can we take in?

Beringers of love, havesting emotion, these little trinkets come in many sizes and shapes just like our feelings. Hold a crystal, place your hands on a bead and pray. it feels good.

Belief is a hard half followed by believing. What truthes does it hold for you, what feelings come pouring out? Thoughts beware.

When I want to feel better I laugh with Buddah knowing that it is ridiclous to feel the way I portrait myself. Self worth, unlove you name it it can come forward.

When Im sad I look at a picture of my mom. She brings me love and a knowing that it will get better, it always does.

Anger, what does one pick up and hold when anger and fear hold the soul captive?

Faith is everything yet it is nothing. Faith in your self helps unite the whole person. One able to circumnavigate, the globe of self and come home again. Being and belonging to the world in so many ways. From storm clouds to a hot sunny day we can complete and compliment our selves in so many ways. Being open and honest, truthful and caring.

To glance about and hold onto each piece of the room and be gratful that I have these little items to heal me.

They are like friends you speak to and hear in the quiet of your heart.

This morning its me, the clouds that will soon bring rain. Its all about my macha tea, my words and how I got here.

Where are you this am? Harbouring pain, fear, anger, lonliness? How about a change of heart and embrace love, joy, compassion and the soul. Pick a trinket a piece of yourself and hold on tight. Cry, yell, feel bad then look into


the eyes of the Buddah and laugh until you sides hurt. Namaste and good morning to all.

The rain removes debris, the sun heats the heart and the moon will clear the soul.

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