What is a conversation?

Does it start with a question or a quest for knowledge?

Is it appropriate or appreciated? Conversed or constricted?

Whose listening? Who has closed ears because of their own internal conversation?

If perople listened would it be different? Could we learn anything, because we listened? Would the world be changed or challenged because we gave someone the right to be heard?

Does coversation lead to compassion? Out of the box thinking where new ideas are born?

Can we have more than a positive reaction, and not so much negate what the other person is saying?

Do we respect their version, or do we listen to our own version instead. “What did you say?”

Can we live together in harmony because we listened, enjoyed, learned and loved the idea of a conversation with someone we admire, repsect and have comapssion for the cause?

You tell me.IMG_0043



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