Today I will Be Alice, in her Wonderland. A Story so sit and listen.

Alice in Wonderland or is it Alice in wander. What can she find? What does she achieve?

Today I would be Alice. Wandering in my land of illusion, diillusion, priority and necessity.

I will move consciously through my myth, coming out the otherside a hero. Yes a hero. My hero witstanding all illusions as some kind of innate knowledge. Things that no one knows but me.

Its the tree. That beautiful tree that stands alone in a forest. Protected by invisible beings of life and light. Who are they and why do they tempt me to sit beneath in their splender? But there is also the hole at the bottom. Itself a temptress, its depth not easily perceived, its width wide enough to swallow me whole, I am tempted to see. I will need a flashlight, a light from somewhere.

I try to recognize its depth and length but I cant see that well. Do I sit here in judgement or do I just just go inside and see where it takes me. I shall because I have nothing better to do today, my thought being blind to what I could be.

Sliding down; sliding down for what seems forever. Dark, damp, bumpy and fun. Free to dissolve myself into nothingness. Those God’s of the tree how they must laugh at us humans when we delve deep into our psyche. “Go deep my friend, see what cannot be scene from the surface.” As they laugh full of joy for each of us who try.

I continue downward, roots try to stop my progress, rocks hurt my behind, but I go forward nonchalantly, expessing my joy for the unknown.

At last I am. I find myself at the bottom of the shoot. The roots release me and I am open to a new vision. What do I see you may be asking? What do I see. I see a path of dirt and rock, to the side I see fields of lavender and wild flowers who seem to wink at me and my awkwardness. As I stand to release the tension I find myself squinting. I see into the distance a lake or maybe its a mirror of relfection? Shall I challenge myself and become adventurous?

My thinking of this place is complacent. I want to run back up the tree but I also want to let go and explore. What do I do, well I just do. I am gone, gone for ever and that is only for how long forever is. Is it a moment in time or is it time as an non existent objective? Guess I will find out won’t I. As I out one foot infront of another I hear a song, someone singing an obsure tune. Well what better to pursue but a voice in the middle of an adventure.

See you soon as I explore my path, free of the detatchments or reasons for being. I will go on completely without expectation or a deliverance into a greater knowing. Im just going to go. Maybe I will find myself.


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